Three columns layout

Pegasus Pool Side Party

The folks at Pegasus offer me the freedom to play what I like and it allows me to be as creative as I can be. I brought my Traktor Kontrol S8 with me and set myself up and got started around 9:05… The vibe was great, playing a combination of new and old tracks changing up the energy and tone. I was in my groove. The place was about 1/2 full but I was watching the heads bopping and then customers playing pool in the back of the bar asked for the music to be turned up…

Later, one of the patrons approached me and told me that I was ‘killing it’ and that they loved my taste in music… Needless to say, this put a smile on my face. It’s always great to be acknowledged for the work you do. I appreciated the praise.

Later, I was approached by another DJ and they asked me if this is what I play. I told them yes, this is it… They went on to say that they loved how I delivered and mixed… wow, I was on cloud 9. They asked me for my card and I gave it.

Finally, another patron came up to me and asked me for a card and they gave me thiers…¬†From a well known festival and event company… who knows, maybe I’ll be a household word someday! LOL…