A little bit about me


I have a long history with music and DJ-ing, beginning in the 70’s and 80’s, back when you had to travel with crates of records, having to prop turntables on the wall to avoid feedback… We’ve come a long way.

I have given up my turntables in favour of modern DJ controllers which are designed to maximize your ability to mix music and minimize the amount of space used, equipment required and additional hardware add-ons needed.

Controllers and DJ software are the future. Anyone holding onto old technology claiming it is better is simply living in the past

Equipment used

I have a MacBook Pro (latest generation) using Traktor software with several Traktor controllers and Pioneer controllers. I am always experimenting with new software and hardware combos including Serato DJ, Flow and Audio software like Logic Pro, Garage Band, Amadeus Pro. I belong to 2 different record pools and am constantly keeping up with the latest and greatest releases from both known and unknown artists. I know what I like and I translate that to my sets. Coming from a technology background, I am able to solve most technical hurdles.

My Music Library

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, I have intimate knowledge of what was popular back then and how music has evolved over the last 35 years. I have an extensive catalog of music from the 50’s all the way to today giving me the flexibility to accommodate most performance requirements and the wisdom to know what goes will with what.

What I can do

  1. I have studied and played several different styles of music from 60’s, 70’s, disco, house, deep house, nu disco, indie, funk, R&B, hip hop/rap, lounge.
  2. I can take songs and adjust the audio to be within a certain length or remix.
  3. I am mobile and as long as I know what I need to bring, I’m good.