A little bit about me

Step into a world where the rhythm flows through the decades, where the passion for music and the art of DJ-ing thrives. With a vibrant history that dates back to the 70’s and 80’s, I’ve witnessed the incredible evolution of music and the DJ scene. Picture the days of hauling crates of records, strategically propping turntables on walls to tame feedback—truly a testament to how far we’ve come.

Embracing the ever-changing landscape of technology, I’ve bid farewell to the turntables of yore, opting for cutting-edge DJ controllers that redefine the way we mix and create music. These sleek marvels of innovation maximize your potential to craft unforgettable musical experiences while minimizing the space, equipment, and additional hardware required. It’s a revolution in the art of DJ-ing, and I’m at the forefront, leading the charge.

Equipped with the latest generation MacBook Pro, I harness the power of the latest DJ Software, complemented by a range of top-notch Traktor and Pioneer controllers. But I’m not one to settle for the status quo—I’m constantly exploring new frontiers, experimenting with a multitude of software and hardware combinations. From Serato DJ to Flow and beyond, my dedication to pushing boundaries extends to audio software like Logic Pro, Garage Band, and Amadeus Pro. As a true tech enthusiast, I thrive on solving technical challenges, ensuring seamless performances that surpass expectations.

My music library is a treasure trove of sonic delights, a curated collection that spans generations. Growing up during the iconic eras of the 70’s and 80’s, I possess an intimate understanding of the hits that shaped those times and witnessed the awe-inspiring evolution of music over the past 35 years. From the classics of the 50’s to the hottest tracks of today, I possess an extensive catalog that affords me the flexibility to cater to a wide range of performance requirements. I’ve honed my wisdom, intuitively knowing which sounds and genres blend harmoniously, creating unforgettable musical journeys that captivate and electrify.

With a vast musical repertoire at my fingertips, I’m a master of diverse styles and genres. From the groovy beats of the 60’s to the infectious rhythms of disco, house, deep house, nu disco, indie, funk, R&B, hip hop/rap, and lounge, I’ve studied and played them all. A true sonic alchemist, I possess the unique ability to transform songs, adjusting their audio to suit specific needs or fashioning captivating remixes that breathe new life into beloved tracks. My skill and adaptability know no bounds.

Mobility is my mantra, and I’m always ready to take my talent on the road. With a comprehensive understanding of the unique needs of each event, all it takes is a conversation to ensure I arrive fully prepared. I’m a seasoned traveler, able to adapt to any setting, whether it’s an intimate gathering or a grand celebration. The world is my stage, and I’m ready to elevate any occasion with my passion, expertise, and unwavering commitment to creating extraordinary musical experiences.

Welcome to the future of DJ-ing, where technology and talent unite to deliver an unforgettable sonic journey. Join me as we break free from the shackles of the past and dive headfirst into a realm of limitless possibilities. The rhythm awaits, and together, we’ll create magic.