FML Party Recap: A Monday Night Extravaganza of Drag Performances

Every Monday night, an extraordinary event takes place in Toronto that keeps the city buzzing with excitement and anticipation. The FML Party, a weekly celebration of drag performances, electrifying music, and an energetic crowd, took place once again on Monday, September 4th. With the enchanting acts by Sanjina da Bish Queen and Las Rose, the captivating live performance by Barbie-Jo Bontemp, and the infectious energy of the audience, this week’s FML Party was yet another memorable affair.

The Mesmerizing Drag Performances:

Sanjina da Bish Queen, Toronto’s very own trans Fijian Bollywood Remix, took the stage by storm with her mesmerizing drag performance. Bringing together elements of her Fijian culture and Bollywood flair, Sanjina captivated the audience with her unique style, grace, and magnetic stage presence. Her performance was a true reflection of her diverse background and garnered appreciation from everyone present.

Las Rose, the talented drag daughter of Barbie-Jo Bontemp, showcased her exceptional skills, leaving the audience in awe of her talent and showmanship. With an electrifying presence and an impeccable sense of style, Las Rose delivered an unforgettable performance that marked her as a rising star in the drag scene. Her ability to captivate the crowd and leave a lasting impression was nothing short of extraordinary.

As the matriarch of the FML Party, Barbie-Jo Bontemp graced the stage, showcasing her unparalleled talent and charisma. With a larger-than-life personality and an immense stage presence, Barbie-Jo delivered a live performance that was nothing short of spectacular. The audience was treated to a show filled with glamour, charm, and sheer entertainment, solidifying Barbie-Jo’s status as an icon in the drag community.

The Energetic and Passionate Audience:

What truly sets the FML Party apart is the energetic and passionate audience that gathers each Monday night. From the moment the doors opened, the crowd was filled with anticipation and excitement. They wasted no time in hitting the dance floor and immersing themselves in the infectious beats provided by me, DJSammm. The energy was palpable throughout the night, as the audience danced, cheered, and celebrated the spirit of the FML Party.

The FML Party, a weekly extravaganza of drag performances in Toronto, continues to captivate and inspire audiences every Monday night. With talented performers like Sanjina da Bish Queen and Las Rose, the dazzling live performance by Barbie-Jo Bontemp, and the unwavering enthusiasm of the audience, each week brings new moments of magic and celebration. The FML Party is a testament to the power of art, entertainment, and the vibrant drag community that comes together to create an unforgettable experience.

A Night to Remember: The Lumbearjack Event at The Point Tent and Trailer Resort


The energy was electric, and the dance floor was alive with movement as I, DJSammm, took the stage at The Point Tent and Trailer Resort for their much-anticipated ‘Lumbearjack’ event—a weekend of celebration and camaraderie in the gay bear community.

Saturday night was nothing short of magical as friends, old and new, came together to create an unforgettable experience. While my friends set up camp at the resort’s tent site, I settled into my cozy room, eagerly anticipating the evening’s festivities.

The day began with excitement and anticipation as we embarked on our journey to The Point early in the morning. Arriving at 10:30, we were greeted with warm smiles from the resort staff, setting the tone for what was to come. The camaraderie was evident right from the start, and I knew that the night ahead would be something special.

Before the evening’s revelry, the sunny weather beckoned us to the resort’s inviting pool. There, I had the pleasure of meeting many of the enthusiastic attendees who would later join me on the dance floor and joined in ‘the bear soup’ as it has become known. The atmosphere was alive with laughter and connection, as folks from Toronto and beyond mingled, sharing stories and embracing the spirit of togetherness and fun banter.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, painting the sky with hues of pink and orange, the anticipation for the dance party grew. The barn, as it is affectionately known, served as the venue for the night’s festivities. I meticulously set up my DJ system, ensuring everything was perfect for the epic night ahead. To build anticipation, I played some tunes at a lower volume, creating a subtle musical backdrop for the early evening.


At 10 PM, the moment we had all been waiting for had arrived. The dance floor beckoned, and I turned up the music, infusing the air with infectious beats that set hearts racing and feet moving. Within moments, the dance floor was packed, pulsating with the energy of a united crowd, ready to dance the night away.

The enthusiasm and joy in the room were palpable as the music transcended barriers, bringing people together in harmony. It was a sight to behold, with everyone joining on the dance floor, celebrating their individuality and creating lasting memories.

Throughout the night, the dance floor remained busy, a testament to the genuine camaraderie and positive vibes that permeated the event. The energy was contagious, and the crowd’s spirit elevated the evening to new heights.

I am immensely grateful for everyone who attended the ‘Lumbearjack’ event at The Point Tent and Trailer Resort. Your energy and enthusiasm made the night truly special, and your presence on the dance floor meant the world to me.

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the management team at The Point, including Michael, Sully, and Vince, for orchestrating such an epic event. Their dedication and hard work behind the scenes contributed to the seamless execution of the night and created a welcoming atmosphere that allowed the magic to unfold.

As the music filled the air and our collective spirits soared, we experienced a night of pure joy, unity, and celebration within the gay bear community. Thank you to all who were a part of this incredible experience. I look forward to more memorable moments and connecting with each and every one of you in the future.

Until we meet again on the dance floor!



Pioneer DJ Acquires Serato—A Paradigm Shift for the DJ Industry?

We have some intriguing news that is sure to spark discussions within the DJ world. It has recently come to light that the parent company of Pioneer DJ, the renowned manufacturer of cutting-edge DJ equipment, has acquired Serato, the groundbreaking software company behind Serato DJ Pro, Serato Studio, and Serato Sample. This unexpected partnership brings forth a multitude of possibilities while also raising questions about the potential implications for our industry.

Pioneer DJ’s acquisition of Serato marks a convergence of two influential entities that have long been recognized as leaders in their respective domains. Pioneer DJ’s hardware has redefined DJ performances, while Serato’s software has become an industry standard, empowering DJs worldwide with its feature-rich tools.

But what lies ahead? Let’s explore both the potential benefits and some concerns:

1. Integration Challenges: While the integration of Pioneer DJ hardware and Serato software holds promise, it’s important to acknowledge the potential hurdles in achieving a seamless synergy. Merging these two distinct entities with their own unique technologies and approaches may require time and effort to ensure a truly cohesive user experience.

2. Innovation Direction: As the partnership takes shape, there might be uncertainties regarding the direction of future innovation. Will the focus shift more towards hardware-centric development, potentially leaving software advancements to lag behind? It remains to be seen how this collaboration will influence the pace and nature of future advancements in DJ technology.

3. Impact on Competitors: The acquisition of Serato by Pioneer DJ raises questions about the relationships between Serato and other hardware manufacturers in the DJ industry. Competitors like Rane, who have recently released a Serato controller for their new STEMs feature, and Denon DJ, who produce Serato-compatible controllers, may need to reassess their collaborations with Serato. How will this affect their partnerships and product offerings moving forward?

4. Feature Integration: One exciting aspect of this partnership is the potential for Pioneer DJ to integrate new advancements from Serato into their hardware offerings. Will we see innovative features and capabilities seamlessly integrated into Pioneer DJ controllers? This integration has the potential to reshape the landscape of DJ equipment, providing DJs with enhanced creative possibilities and a unified user experience.

5. Market Dynamics: The consolidation of Serato under the Pioneer DJ umbrella raises questions about market dynamics and the availability of diverse software options for DJs. Will this partnership limit the emergence of new software solutions or restrict the variety of choices available to DJs? Monitoring how this acquisition impacts competition and market diversity will be essential.

As the DJ community, it is crucial to approach this news with a mix of optimism and caution. While the Pioneer DJ and Serato partnership presents exciting prospects, it is equally important to consider the broader implications and potential challenges that may arise.

We will closely follow the developments and keep you updated as more information becomes available. Engage in conversations within the DJ community, share your insights, and embrace the possibilities that this collaboration may bring.

Change can both invigorate and raise questions. Let us embrace this new chapter while carefully examining the evolving landscape of our beloved craft.